joby ron paulJoby Weeks grew up in the mountains of Colorado. He has been married for 3 years and lives vicariously through himself. Joby became a self made millionaire while still a teenager. He has traveled to more than 100 countries around the world teaching people how to have health freedom, financial freedom, and the time freedom to enjoy both.

Joby feeds 2,500 orphans every day with the most nutritious food available. He loves sharing the secrets of how to break free from the pharmaceutical cartel, the banking cartel, and the oil cartel. Joby Weeks is also a published author who has been involved with producing CDs and Documentaries.

Joby started to mint silver and gold coins before it was cool, and was the regional currency officer for Colorado with the Liberty Dollar. He then went on to co-found AOCS with friend Rob Gray. He has minted tens of thousands of Ron Paul coins, helped put together the Ron Paul Blimp and Ron Paul Limo etc. Joby was elected one of only two Ron Paul National Delegates from Colorado. He is now focused on helping non profits fund their projects without having to ask anyone for donations. He refers to himself as a “Life Hacker”. Want to learn his secrets? Give him a ring and let him know what you’ve got going on.